• After you have chosen the school or schools in which you wish to apply, check their website for admissions requirements, particularly if you plan on entering a specific program; e.g. pharmacy, pre-med, engineering.


    Most colleges offer the convenience of allowing you to apply online.  Many charge an application fee, so have your credit card ready.


    During the same time that you are preparing your applications, drop by the guidance office and register to have your high school transcripts forwarded to the colleges to which you are applying.  Transcripts are a record of all of your grades throughout high school; they also include your grade level, rank, GPA, SAT scores, etc.  To register for transcripts fill out information in the binder on Mrs. Johnson’s desk.  Transcripts will be prepared and mailed directly to the college admissions office. 

    SAT Scores

    Some colleges would like to see your SAT scores but will not accept them from us.  In this case you must either have College Board forward your scores to these colleges after you take them (this information is requested when you fill out the SAT registration form before testing), or have them sent directly to the college by going to www.sat.collegeboard.org. (Link Disabled at the request of the Office for Civil Rights)   There will be a fee.

    Letters of Recommendation

    Colleges sometimes ask for letters of recommendation written by teachers or guidance counselors.  You can print a ‘Student Activity Report’ by clicking below.  Fill it out and take it to guidance.  Mrs. Johnson will make copies for you to give to people that you wish to ask to write a letter for you.  She will keep the original in your file in case you need it again.  Remember; it is your responsibility to have letters written and turn them into the guidance office if you would like them sent with your transcripts.

    Student Activity Report

    File for Student Aid

    Go to WWW.FAFSA.ED.GOV (Link Disabled at the request of the Office for Civil Rights) to get information on filing for student aid.  Look for workshops in the area sponsored by local schools.  Make an informed decision about where your college money is coming from.

    After you are accepted

    Come to guidance and share the news!  We love to hear about your future plans.

    Keep your grades up!  Sometime after your pay your deposit to hold your place at college you may receive a letter asking to have final transcripts sent to your school.  In this case, please inform Mrs. Johnson; final transcripts will not be sent automatically.  Final transcripts will include all grades for your senior year with a notation that you have graduated.

    If you have no idea what you want to do or where to go after high school, then come see us!  Your guidance counselor is here to answer your questions.  We have materials on career choices and college majors.