•  Graduates of 2023 and beyond:


    Crestwood School District will award a diploma for successful completion of twenty-three (23) credits in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 along with successful completion of Graduation Project and all Pennsylvania Department of Education requirements.


    Crestwood School District Graduation Requirements


    • Four credits in English:  English I, II, and III, and one English elective in grade 12
    • Four credits in Social Studies: World Cultures I and II, American Cultures, and a social studies elective in grade 12
    • Three credits in Mathematics: Algebra I and II, Geometry and one academic math elective in grade 12.  Students who begin Algebra I in grade 8 will have two (2) academic math electives, one in grade 11, and one in grade 12
    • Three credits in Science: Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry I or Environmental Science
    • Two credits in World Language in grades 9-12 are encouraged
    • Two credits in Arts and Humanities
    • Two elective credits from any subject area
    • One credit in Health and Physical Education. (.2 credits each; 4 years of Phys Ed, 1 year of Health)
    • Students must schedule five subjects and pass four in grade 12 to graduate
    • Completion of a culminating Graduation Project - Career Portfolio presentation at the end of Junior year


    Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Graduation Requirements


    PA Graduation Pathways - Act 158 listed here (Link Disabled at the request of the Office for Civil Rights)


    Grad Requirements Pathway Graphic (Link Disabled at the request of the Office for Civil Rights)