Crestwood Secondary Campus - Grades 7-12

As of Monday, April 27, 2020 the Crestwood Secondary Campus teachers are offering live or recorded sessions with students as follows:

Monday - Math class virtual meetings
Tuesday - English class virtual meetings 
Wednesday - Science class virtual meetings 
Thursday - Social Studies & H/PE class virtual meetings 
Friday - Related Arts & World Language virtual meetings

Sessions will be organized within your Google Classrooms and meet according to the period of the day which you typically are scheduled for that subject area.  For example, if you normally have Biology class period 2 you will be able to check in with your Biology teacher on Wednesday during the time established for period 2 on the schedule attached.

We appreciate your ongoing support as we continue to expand our educational offerings and we will continue to grow and improve in the weeks to come.

Be safe, be well, and if you need us, we are here for you!
Mrs. Foster

CSC Virtual Presence Schedule - 27 Apr 2020.pdf
Crestwood Student Code of Conduct for Virtual Participation.pdf

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Need to reach us while the offices are closed?  Here are the District cell phone numbers for our building secretarial staff.  We are here to help !

Kathleen Venesky: (570) 706-5862 (SC Grades 7th– 9th)
Liz Walck: (570) 550-4230 (SC Grades 10th– 12th)
Sue Johnson: (570) 550-3861 (Student Services 7th– 12th)
Tracy Cormier: (570) 550-4243 (Special Education)

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2019-2020 District Calendar

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Margaret S. Foster - Principal of Academic Affairs
John Gorham - Principal of Student Affairs
570-474-6782 phone
570-474-9810 fax

Kathleen Venesky - Secretary to the Principals x. 342
Liz Walck - CSC Secretary/receptionist x. 301


Bullying Policy 

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All parents and visitors to the Secondary Campus for a meeting or to pick up a student must park in a lined parking space in the parking lot. PLEASE DO NOT park in the Fire Lane, regardless of the brevity of your visit. Students are reminded to park in lined parking spaces at all times.


Responsibilities of Educational Institutions
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 - called the Buckley Amendment - provides for cutting off U.S. Office of Education (OE) funding to institutions that do not comply with the standards prescribed in the Act. The essence of those standards is that:   Parents of a child who is under age 18 and has never attended an educational institution beyond the high school level must be allowed to inspect the child’s school records. Students on reaching age 18 or attending an institution beyond the high school level, called eligible students in the regulations, must be allowed to review their own school or college records, and their parents may no longer do so.

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