• AI Fluency is pre-college Artificial Intelligence bootcamp taught exclusively
    by MIT, Stanford, Harvard and Oxford PhDs, students and alumni
    This online bootcamp has no mandatory homework, and will guide you from little or no coding experience to Artificial Intelligence fluency. This will make students stand-out in college admissions.

    We've had students from 7th to 12th grade to even up to 2nd year of college, and this course is mostly targeted to those students trying to prepare for college classes and college admissions.
    We wanted to offer a partial scholarship to all the 2800 students of Crestwood School District - code CSDCOMETS_SCHOLARSHIP - given your focus on self-improvement, which is a value we share in common. This scholarship brings the price down significantly, from $1280 to only 591 (less than half).
    At the end of this workshop, you will:
    • Have a final AI project presentation
    • Receive a graduation certificate detailing all the technologies learned
    • Create an article detailing your process and technologies
    • Showcase your project presentation on our website
    • Create a video presenting your project
    • Send your article to media (we’ll guide you through it)
    • Showcase the project appropriately to colleges
    • Join a network of AI experts, researchers, industry leaders, and top university alumni
    • Join a network of high-school exceptionally passionate peers (after the course, students might end up working together in projects or become classmates in college)
    • The top-performing student projects in a variety of areas will receive a variety of awards

    Enrollment is open throughout the program (not just before the start date). You can see our brochure and our website.
    You can apply here for Summer program - Mon-Fri 4-6pm EST June 14-25 (June cohort), and  Mon-Fri 4-6pm EST July 5-16 (July cohort).