Crestwood School District

  • 2023 – 2024 Flexible Instruction Day expectations and guidelines:


    The purpose of this Flexible Instruction Plan is to provide students the opportunity to reinforce and develop learning and skills while away from the traditional school setting. During a school closure when the Flexible Instructional Plan is implemented, the Crestwood School District will focus on enrichment activities, review activities, and planned instruction.

    Our teaching staff are expected to provide enrichment, review, and planned instruction, maintain consistent communication with parents/guardians, and collaborate with other teachers regarding best practices for flexible instruction. Teachers and staff will communicate with students, parents, and guardians through various platforms listed in the previous component of the Flexible Instruction Plan.

  • How will all students, parents, and professional staff know we are implementing a Flexible Instruction Day?


    Should local conditions warrant the need to institute a Flexible Instruction Day (FID), our community will
    be informed of the change in programming through the following methods:

    • District email
    • Blackboard Connect messaging system and District Social Media sites
    • Google Classroom
    • District website, local media announcements, and Secondary Campus digital sign notice.
  • What will our FID schedule look like?


    • The FID instructional day will be structured in a mirror image of our traditional school schedule.
      • Students will be expected to log into their Google Classroom for homeroom to report their attendance for the day, then progress through their typical schedule (ex. Period 1 - English, Period 2 - Science ... and so forth for the full school day).


    • Those students that have been pre-identified as being without internet access are expected to call their respective schools (Fairview Elementary, Rice Elementary, or Crestwood Secondary Campus) and report their attendance off-line for the day.
      • These students will be provided with individualized off-line/asynchronous assignments by their teachers for use on a FID day and be expected to submit this work upon return to school for assessment.
      • Additionally, students will be referred to local Public Broadcasting Service - WVIA - for access to televised instructional opportunities.


    • Any student with accommodations illustrated within an IEP will have these accommodations planned and implemented during a FID day either on-line or off-line/asynchronous by their respective Learning Support teacher.
      • The District assures that all students with disabilities will be provided the accommodations that are required for the student to experience a successful learning experience during FID.
  • What instructional tools (hardware, software, and off-line) will we use and what do we need?



    • All teachers are provided with District issued laptop computers for home & school use
    • Any teacher who is in need of internet access in the home will be provided a Wi-Fi hotspot at District expense
    • Internet access to all necessary instructional platform.



    • All students will be provided with District issued Chromebooks for school and home use for the entirety of the school year, including FID days.
    • Families that indicated a need for internet access in the home have been equipped with a cellular hotspot to access Wi-Fi and their online instruction.
    • All students will have access to educational software such as but not limited to:
      • Edmentum – Exact Path
      • Google Classroom
      • Amplify
      • ConnectED - Wonders
      • Sadlier Math
      • MobyMax
    • Where necessary, students will be provided paper versions of learning packets/handouts.
  • What is our Contingency plan if there are issues with technology during a FID?

    The Crestwood School District's Flexible Instruction Plan is based on synchronous and asynchronous participation.


    • In the event that there is a power/internet outage, the contingency plan for participation includes pre-staged asynchronous paper packets of assignments for students to complete off-line.
    • While in school, students will be provided with printed copies of the grade level and content area appropriate instructional materials so that students are able to complete assignments off-line when a FID is initiated.
    • Should a family experience an internet or power outage, they must call their respective school building to report the outage and the student will be required to complete the pre-determined/distributed paper assignments during the FID. This off-line work is expected to be turned in for grading and record of FID participation/attendance on the next school day. Guidance and Office staff are available via District issued cell phones to assist families during a FID with any instructional needs.
  • What are student’s responsibilities during a FID?

    The Crestwood School District expects that all students will participate in meaningful learning during a FID that will include:

    • Completing assignments
    • Attending sessions as scheduled
    • Regularly communicating with teachers through various platforms including email and Google Classroom.
    • Students should follow their building schedule with reasonable flexibility during the implementation of the Flexible Instruction Plan.
  • How will we track student participation/attendance during a FID?

    The Crestwood School District's Flexible Instruction Plan is based on synchronous and asynchronous participation when a flexible instructional day is implemented. Meaningful student engagement would include students completing assignments and regularly communicating with teachers through various platforms listed previously in this plan.

    Students indicating that they will be participating asynchronously will complete off-line work that was provided to them prior to the FID and submit this work for review upon return to the school building.

    Student attendance is expected and will be recorded in Skyward following District policy. Evidence of student attendance includes:

    • Present during Google Meet online video lessons
    • Submission of assigned work in Google Classroom or other instructional software
    • Phone call to school building reporting asynchronous learning and submission of assigned work submitted to the teacher on the next in-person school day


    Parents and guardians of students found to not be in attendance/participating will be contacted by administration and staff.

  • What are the responsibilities of Support Staff during a FID?


    • Paraprofessionals continue to support students on Google Classroom remotely
    • Secretaries
    • Custodial/Maintenance
    • Cafeteria staff