• Our District has been approved for 5 Flexible Instruction Days - referred to as FIDs. 

    We will use FIDs in place of some snow days and will inform you and our community via our typical media and robocall announcements. 

    To be clear - if we flip to a virtual remote FIDs day - the robocall will say FIDs DAY, if we cancel school for a SNOW DAY, we will announce a SNOW DAY. 


    So, what is the difference?

    SNOW DAY - is a “no school” day that we will need to make up as an instructional day.

    FIDs DAY - is a school day that has been flipped to a virtual delivery model that counts as a school day from remote locations (like your home) and does not need to be made up. 


    What do we expect from teachers and students on a FIDs day?

    • The Secondary Campus FIDs Virtual Schedule is attached - Teachers are expected to post their schedule on Google Classroom and appear on Google Meet at the beginning of each period to review the activity/assignment for that class.
    • Your student’s attendance is based on either Google Meet check in or assignment completion for the period
    • These lessons should be connected to your current learning/instruction - new content instruction is permissible but not recommended
    • Teachers will use the defined office hours to connect with students/families as needed.


    Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask your homeroom teacher. 

Flexible Instruction Day Schedule.