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World Champions! CSD Odyssey of the Mind team

Crestwood Secondary, Division 3 Vehicle Team Brings Home the 1st Place World Champion Gold Metal

The Crestwood Secondary Odyssey of the Mind team (Shannon Griffiths, Chris Hannon, Kaitlyn Leicht, Claire Lenio, Ruthie Mullisky, Olivia Richards and Nicole Zurawski) competed during the week of 5/23/2022 at the 2022 World Finals Competition and was awarded first place in the Problem 1 (Vehicle) Division 3 “Escape vroOM” problem. 

The World Finals Competition was held at Iowa State University (ISU). This team placed first in the NEPA regionals tournament to advance to the PA state competition and placed first to advance to the World Finals Competition. Only the top 2 teams from each of regionals and states tournament advances to the world finals competition. 

Scoring consists of long-term problem “required” elements (200 points), “style” of team selected elements not required by the long term problem (50 points) and finally “spontaneous” which is a separate element where kids are required to creatively solve a new problem that is unknown prior to competition that lasts approximately 5 minutes (100 points).  The spontaneous portion can be either a verbal response to a question or image, or a hands-on problem or combination.  The team can only practice methods to respond creatively as the problem is unknown.  The highest raw score for each of long-term, style and spontaneous are awarded the full points and each remaining team awarded a score as a percent of the perfect score based on the raw score differences.  Notably, Crestwood had the highest long-term raw score and had a perfect raw style score of 50 which is extraordinarily unusual.  This team has had phenomenal success. 

In addition, this team was awarded the coveted Ranatra Fusca Award for creativity from both the PA state and also the world level competition.
Of the approximate 630 overall teams competing at worlds, five Ranatra Fusca winners were selected to recognize outstanding creativity in the teams’ solution. The awards were presented in the ISU Hilton Coliseum in front of approximately 14,000 cheering peers and family members. This team was formed 11 years ago at Rice Elementary with changes in team members over time. This vehicle team has previously placed 3rd, 6th, 9th and 17th at the world level competition.  This team graduates this year; therefore, this was their last high school competition.
Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem-solving competition. Students from kindergarten through college participate in this international program. The teams work on the long-term problem throughout the school year and present the long-term problem solution in competition. The long-term problem involves interpreting a problem specification, designing and building a solution to the requirements, developing a creative skit, creating a theatrical set and costumes. Additionally, during competition, the teams are presented with a new spontaneous problem that must be solved within a few minutes. The teams are ultimately scored on the creativity of the long-term problem solution, style elements, and spontaneous responses.
Team image:  first row, from left, are Olivia Richards, Shannon Griffiths and Nicole Zurawski. Second row: Kaitlyn Leicht, Claire Lenio, Ruthie Mullisky. Top Row: Coach Ed Griffiths, and Chris Hannon.
This vehicle team would like to thank the overwhelming support of the Mountain Top community that supported our fund raising efforts.