Odyssey of the Mind is a worldwide creative problem solving competition. Schools purchase memberships, which entitle them to problems in five different subject areas. The students work in teams of seven members, and compete in three different divisions depending on their age. We are limited only by the number of students who want to participate and the number of parents who are willing to coach.


    Teams compete on three levels, long-term, spontaneous and style. In the long term competition the team delivers an eight minute performance to solve their problem which they have worked on for months. The spontaneous competition counts for roughly half the score, and that is given to the team only minutes before they are to solve it.


    The five different subject areas of competition include drama, classical, technical, vehicular, and structure. The long-term portion of the problem requires a lot of time to solve. Teams typically meet once or twice a week before winter holiday and more often afterwards in order to prepare for the regional competition, which is in early March.


    This program is best suited for students in the third through sixth grades, who are self-motivated, dedicated and creative. Coaches guide the teams, but the teams must do all their own work and develop their own solutions.


    Remember: We can only have as many teams as there are adults willing to coach. Coaches’ training is available.


    Odyssey of the Mind is a fabulous program that gives the kids an opportunity to take creative risks, to learn new skills, to work as a team, and to discover that there is more than one solution to any problem.


    Please join us at Odyssey of the Mind!




    For more information please contact the Rice office