• Our Mission


    The mission of the Crestwood School District is to support personalized learning so students are college and career ready upon graduation.


    Our Vision


    Crestwood School District is dedicated to respect, integrity, community, excellence, and team work in all we do.


    Our Shared Values


    1. We believe that all students can acquire knowledge, skills, and process information in the pursuit of an appreciation for life-long learning.
    2. We believe that all students can develop integrity.
    3. We believe that all students can be creative, and utilize higher order thinking skills.
    4. We believe that all students can develop the ability to adapt to change.
    5. We believe that all students should respect the differences of society's diverse ethnic, racial, religious, and socioeconomic population.
    6. We believe that young adults possess a varied amount of potential that can be developed and nurtured with the assistance of educators.
    7. We believe that our school is the educational, civic, social, and athletic center of our community.
    8. We believe that quality education and the associated accountability is the responsibility of the entire community.
    9. We believe that the ultimate motivation and responsibility for achievement and success depends on the perseverance and committed effort of the individual student.
    10. We believe that regardless of individual circumstances, all students can achieve with guidance, direction, and unwavering belief in the power of high expectations.
    11. We believe that all students are entitled to learn in a safe, healthy, and orderly environment.
    12. We believe that a major purpose of education is to provide opportunities for individuals to be responsible and productive citizens.