• Mission Statement


    The mission of the Crestwood School District is to support personalized learning so students are college and career ready upon graduation.




    Your future is our goal.


    Shared Core Values


    1. Through creativity and higher order thinking skills, we can develop individuals that can adapt to change and acquire skills for the future.
    2. All individuals should practice diversity by modeling integrity.
    3. We believe that all learning should consider the inclusion of technology.
    4. Students possess a varied amount of potential that can be developed and nurtured with the assistance of all stakeholders.
    5. We believe that quality education is the responsibility of the entire community.
    6. We believe that the ultimate responsibility for achievement and success depends on the perseverance and effort of the student.
    7. We believe that, regardless of background, all students can achieve.
    8. We believe that the purpose of education is to build productive citizens.
    9. We have a shared responsibility to facilitate comprehensive career development activities prior to graduation.